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Fraser's Mothers Family

Welcome to my Photo Album
Fraser.Welcome to my photo album

Hugh Munro and
Marion Mackay

Catherine Munro
Born Resolis 1858

Hugh Munro b.1883 Inverness with his wife Jane and William Munro b.1899 Australia

John Mackay's
grave at Dornoch.
My gtgt grandfather
Born 1788 Dornoch

Jane Ann and Henry Munro
Born 1880/1888 Inverness.With Edna Munro.

William Fraser
My grandfather
Born 1862 Avoch

Emily Munro
My grandmother
Born 1866 Resolis

Innes Munro
Born 1862 Resolis.With his wife and family.

Helen Fraser
My mother
Born Glasgow

Anne Munro
Born Resolis 1860

Fraser Grave
Avoch Churchyard

Charlotte Munro
Born Resolis 1854

Kirkmichael Graveyard
Resolis,Black Isle
Grave of Hugh Munro and Marion Mackay
My gt.grandparents

The children of Janet Mackay
James Hay Sutherland

Mary Rough
Born Canada 1898

John Rough and Jane Munro

Jean Rough
Born England 1904

Jessie Finlayson
Born Glasgow 1864.With Emily Munro.

Jane Munro
Born Resolis 1864

Anne and Marion McDonald
Born Gayndah 1892 and 1894

Edward Arthur Steemson
Born Bundaberg 1890

Two of the daughters of William Fraser of Henrietta,Avoch

Donald Young.Born Avoch 1849.His children about 1903 Janet,James,John,Donald,David,William and Ebenezer.

Christina Munro
Born Resolis 1852
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