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Isa and Agnes Prentice
Sisters of Annie Prentice
Born Govan

Susan Tagg
My gt.gt.grandmother
Born 1833 Milngavie

David Christie
My father
Born Auchterderran,Fife

Peter Tagg born 1877 Paisley and Marion Beveridge

John Carmichael born 1884 Burntisland and Jemima Rolland
Peter's brother born 1884 Burntisland

Peter Carmichael
My grandfather
Born 1890 Burntisland

Anne in Death Valley

Adam Carmichael
Peter's brother
Born 1900 Burntisland

Alexander Tagg born 1843 Glasgow
with Mary Little and Marion Tagg

Pettinain Church
Grave of Andrew Shankie and Agnes Scoular

Annie Prentice
My grandmother
Peter's wife
Born 1887 Govan

Carmichael Grave
Carnwath Churchyard

Betsy Nicolson and family
Sister of my father's mother
Born 1884 Portree

Elizabeth Carmichael
My mother
Born Glasgow

Charles Tagg b.1834 New Kilpatrick and family

Andrew Shankie's Grave

Born 1758 Symington

James Tagg
Born 1873 Dieppe

William Currie Ferguson
Born 1911 Tillicoultry

Peter Carmichael and Annie Prentice

Mary Tagg born 1824 Old Kilpatrick with the Lamonds

Alexander Cherry born 1831 Stonehouse

Mary Little
Born 1843 Paisley

John Stewart and Elizabeth Gillon

Lionel Vallis born 1901 France

David Christie and
Neilina Nicolson about 1924/1928

Neilina Nicolson
Born 1888 Portree

David Christie born 1886 Glasgow

David Christie,Neilina Nicolson
and son Robert about 1935.

Neilina Nicolson
with sons James and Robert about 1935.

The Christies
in 1966.

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